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Too Much Road Butt Fuck is Not Healthy

What would life be without sex, women and rock and roll? I think I would rather die than live a life without those since I live and breathe with those three things. Sex is important to any man because it is our nature to use our cock more than our brains. Who else could give us sex? Of course women that’s why I need to have lots of women around me all the time. Last is rock and roll because being a rockstar made it easier for me to hook up with hot chicks.

My fave pastime was road butt fuck which happens each time we go on a road tour. Damn! I feel like in heaven tonguing butt after butt since we got like 20 chicks inside the big bus. One time, we had some Asian chicks we hooked up with when we had a show in Chicago to join us on our next trip to another state.

Oh wow! This was the best road butt fuck I ever had and therroad butt fucke’s no more butt park for me. I just can’t stop tonguing butt and fucking those Asian hotties. My road manager asked me to butt park because he can see me getting all pale already, but it is hard to resist an Asian pussy.

When we got to the gig, I was too tired to play and end up sitting in a chair while playing the guitar. I just told everyone I was sick so I got a good excuse. They got mad and want to refund their tickets because we cut the gig into half an hour instead of a full hour. I was rushed to the hospital for over fatigue. Fuck! They continued the road trip with a new guitarist and I was stuck all alone in the hospital. Now I have learned my lesson and need to do things in moderation so I can still live longer to enjoy more sex and music.

My Bedroom Butt Game Became An Instant Hit

There are lots of ways to make sex more fun. Playing games is one of them and I was able to think of a new bedroom game called butt game. I know you won’t be able to see this in any butt wiki since I just made this all up, but this had become an instant hit in our place when I shared this to my friends.

Butt game is plain and simple. Do you know the game pin the donkey? It is a children’s game where the kid gets blindfolded and tries to put the pin on the donkey’s ass. I made a kinkier version of that game where guys get blindfolded too and instead of using a pin, they would use their hard cock to find the hole of the hard butt.

I know it sounds funny, but the girls I did that game with really loved it. It was not that easy at it seems because there were tbutt gameimes that I end up with a cock filled with apple sauce because I inserted it inside an apple pie. I even popped some balloons thinking it was her butt. What makes it tough is that I was not allowed to use my hands to feel the butt. It was my cock doing all the poking. I always wish my cock good luck before I do all the poking.

The chicks give out direction so I can easily find their hard butt. For sure, the waiting kills them too because they were too horny to feel my cock thrust their wet pussy. The real fucking begins once I hit the right hole. It feels great knowing I won the game. My friends all do it with their chick on special occasions since you need a lot of props to make it more exciting. I can’t wait to see this game enter the butt wiki soon and become famous.

Kissing Butt End Got Me The Hot Girl

They call me Georgie Porgie because I always kiss the girls and make them cry. This came from a famous nursery rhyme which I used to listen to when I was a kid. Maybe it got stuck on my brain as I grow older because it became my habit to kiss girls and then leave them. My fave pastime is stealing kisses from chicks, but they do love it a lot and pretend they don’t. How do I prove it? Because they all end up being my girl and some even get obsessed with me, but I easily get bored and dump them.

Now my habit of kissing upgraded to kissing butt end. I love tasting the smooth butt of a chick. The girls always get wild each time I kiss their butt end. Maybe because I am the best kisser in my place. Having done that in years, I doubt if there would be any other guy that can beat my record in kissing girls.

I always give my friends a butt thumbs up once I stole a kiss from a chick. The girl would just get surprised and speechless when she noticed that someone kissed her butt while she was standing in a bar. I would flash my killer smile and she would end up laughing instead of getting mad.

My friends dared me to kiss this big time lawyer in our town because she was freaking gorgeous and hot, but was a real snob. She was talking on the phone at the corner while drinking coffee and I was sitting close to her. I looked at my friends and gave the butt thumbs up sign before kissing her smooth butt. She got surprised and spilled coffee on me and damn that was fucking hot. She laughed at me while my cock was burning and told me: “You really deserve that for being naughty”. She walked away and I started to catch up with her to get her number. I was able to get it and can’t wait to kiss her butt again.