Become a Cam Girl

Become a Cam Girl Today & Make Lots Of Money Working From Home – It’s Easy!

Do you have a great personality, are open minded, and know how to connect with people? Do you also want to work from home, be your own boss, and make a lot of money? Being a cam girl may be the job for you!

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What does a Cam Girl do exactly?

A cam girl (or boys, couples, trannies, etc) is any person who has a webcam and chooses to broadcast herself online. At Chaturbate, cam girls can earn money per minute for each guest which goes into private or group chat. Cam girls can do almost anything that they want while online though most visitors are looking for a sexual experience. If you become a cam girl at Chaturbate, you get to decide what your limits are in your chat room.

Become a Cam Girl Today & Make Lots Of Money Working From Home Its Easy!

One of the first questions that people ask when thinking about becoming a cam girl is, “Do I have to be pretty?” The answer is NO! The people who visit cam girl chat rooms are looking for a real experience where they can connect with real people online for adult fun. That is why they are willing to pay per minute instead of choosing other forms of adult entertainment like pornography. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you aren’t the stereotype of beauty, a visitor may think that you are the most attractive person in the world! There are all sorts of cam girls including thin and heavyset cam girls, of all ethnicities, and all ages.

While you don’t have to be stereotypically “pretty” to be a cam girl or boy, there are some basic qualities that all cam girls/boys should have. You must be open minded, be able to connect with people online, have a fun personality, and be creative. This last one is very important because visitors are paying money to be with you and you want to make sure that they getting an enjoyable experience – whether it is through dirty talk, a risqué performance, teasing, role playing, or other adult fun.

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How Much Do Cam Girls Really Make working from Home?

Become a Cam Girl Today & Make Lots Of Money Working From Home Its Easy!Some cam girls make hundreds of dollars per day whereas others might make just a $100 per month. The amount of money you can make as a cam girl depends on factors like how much you are online, how great of a performance you give, and how many regular customers you build up. Cam girls get to determine their own rate per minute. Some cam girls charge just about $1 per minute whereas others charge upwards of $15. Of course, the cam girl website is going to take a percentage of this fee for providing their services.

At Chaturbate, the top webcam performers get rewarded for putting on great shows and keeping their visitors happy. Every hour, there is a cash reward of $10 for the most viewed chat room. The second place winner gets $5. That means that there are 48 cash prize winners every single day! Chaturbate also has other contests where you can get cash just for doing your job well. Webcam girls and boys can also earn money through tips. If a visitor is pleased with your performance as a cam girl, then he/she may give you a nice tip. You can ask for tips in exchange for certain performances.

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What Do I Need to Start Working as a Cam Girl?

To become a cam girl, you really only need a webcam and a fast, stable internet connection. However, if you want to stand out amongst the other cam girls and get more visitors, you should really have a few accessories too. First off, a quality microphone is a must. This will let you talk to your webcam visitors instead of just typing chat. You should also get a few good lights so your visitors can see your live cams better. Many cam girls like to get a few different costumes or lingerie sets to keep their visitors entertained. You don’t have to use toys while at Chaturbate but these can help keep your live webcams interesting too.

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 How Chaturbate is Different than Other Adult Cam Sites?

Become a Cam Girl Today & Make Lots Of Money Working From Home Its Easy!If you want to become a webcam girl (or boy, couple, tranny, etc), you have a few different choices of sites to join. Chaturbate stands out from these other adult cam sites for a few reasons. First off, almost all adult cam sites require a longwinded approval process. At Chaturbate, you don’t have to submit your documents, photos, or any other information. As soon as you sign up, you can start competing in the hourly contest.

Chaturbate is also open to all adults, regardless of whether you are a 60 year old woman, 18 year old boy, a biracial gay couple, young lesbians, or a transsexual. Chaturbate visitors have all sorts of preferences so, chances are, there is a Chaturbate user looking for someone just like you!

Chaturbate also has a lot of great features which make it easier to be a cam girl. There are built-in token counters so you don’t have to calculate your earnings. You can have group chat shows with as many people as you want. Chaturbate takes safety and privacy very seriously and lets you block whole states so you don’t inadvertently chat with someone you know. You can even silence annoying chatroom visitors instead of having to block them.

If you are looking to make money from home while having fun, then Chaturbate is the best way!